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Has vast experience and specific capabilities to support your case needs.
A person or law firm looking for an aviation litigation team to handle or help handle any aviation accident should hire a firm that has aviation expertise and focus in that area.
The lead trial attorney need not be an aeronautical engineer or a pilot. If the attorney is not trained or experienced in the aircraft accident litigation, then his firm may have to supplement and team with hire such aviation consultants and experts. Our attorneys have vast experience and specific capability to support your case needs.
1. Aviation has been a major factor in most members background.
3. Most have worked or trained in air crash litigations.
4. Many have an aviation or engineering background.
5. Several have taught aeronautics or other facets of the aeronautical endeavor.
6. Many have attended an accredited aircraft accident investigating school.
7. A few have taught facets of aircraft accident investigating.
8. A few have published concerning aircraft accident investigating.
9. Many have participated in military, civilian or ICAO aircraft accident investigations.    
10. Many have authored professional articles within the areas of aviation accidents, aviation safety or systems safety.
11. The Airlaws Group (in total) have evaluated, or investigated several thousand accidents and incidents.  
12. Our members have helped investigate numerous aircraft accidents. 
13. Many of these aviation accident cases involved product defect or strict product liability.
14. Many of these cases required use of the Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA) 15. Many of these aviation crash litigations involved the Military Contract Defense issue.
16.  Many of these aviation crash litigations involved  maritme  aviation accident litigation where Death of the High Seas Act (DOHSA).
17. Members have evaluated, investigated or litigated helicopter accidents.
18. Members have evaluated , investigated or litigated General Aviation accidents.
19. Members have evaluated , investigated or litigated military accidents.
20. Members have evaluated, investigated or litigated Navy aircraft accidents.
21. Members have evaluated, investigated or litigated Army aircraft accidents.
22. Members have evaluated, investigated or litigated USAF aircraft accidents.
23.  Members have authored professional aviation or aviation safety related articles.
24. Members have evaluated, investigated or litigated an airline accident.
25. Members have conducted aircraft accident reconstruction studies by utilizing flight simulators.
26. Members have utilized the Federal Tort Claim Act in an aviation accident case.
27. Members have been involved with aviation crash litigations where the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) was involved.
38. Members have been involved, evaluated, investigated or litigated aviation accidents that occurred worldwide.
29. Most members are pilots.
30. Most have a military flying background.
41. Many are airline pilots.

Members of the AIRLAWS GROUP have been involved with aviation cases that have occurred in many different places, they include:
USA  States: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Illinois, Colorado, Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, Idaho, North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina. New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas, Maine

High Seas:
Gulf of Tonkin,  North Sea, Java Sea, Gulf of Mexico. Off  Nigerian Coast., Off Long Island, Atlantic Ocean,  Mediterranean Sea.

Foreign Accidents:
Canada., Columbia, Ireland, Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Korea,
Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand,  
For: Aviation experience,