Air Law Services (What We Do)

Hiring An Airlaws Attorney 

          If your law firm is substantial and qualified, but unfamiliar with Aviation Cases you should consider AIRLAWS as and option as compared to referring large percentages of your case to established Aviation firms. It is probable that you, with Airlaws help can serve your client’s every need.  Should you wish to employ an Airlaw’s member attorney or several Airlaw’s members to solve a legal issue for you or your client the process is simple.
How we operate:
            You may contact Airlaws or the Attorney of choice directly. 
            You may chose one or many of us to form a team in support of your needs.
            Based on your needs or your client’s needs we can chose to work with one attorney or several.
Our association is capable of handling aviation accident victim’s cases from case onset through trial and appeal. There are many options hereinafter described.
You may refer your case to a team made up of Airlaw’s members. This referral would be based on a contingency basis to be decided upon.
      A. If you refer all aspects of such a case to Airlaw’s members, and you retained and worked as POC with the client for damages issues the referral would entail Airlaw’s members financing the case as well. Here the contract would be negotiated to client’s satisfaction.
      B. If you team with Airlaw’s members, you would negotiate who would be lead  and then tasks would be assigned as well as contingent expectations. Expenses  would be prorated and paid in accordance with Case contingent expectations. Example 50% AIRLAWS 50% referring attorney expenses split 50-50