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"  which was active in Austin, TX from 1995 through 2001. Their legal relationship was dissolved and ended in 2001. Both attorneys remain members of AIRLAWS located at 

Advertising for Lawyers by Lawyers
[This Web site is not intended to advertise services directly to the public.
Services offered by this web site are directed to attorneys and other law firms.] 

AIRLAWS is not a Law Firm.  AIRLAWS is a consulting group made up of lawyer members with a focus on aviation.
AIRLAWS members are  attorneys who may be contacted directly.
AIRLAWS is a network of attorneys who focus on some varying aspects of the aeronautical endeavor.
Attorneys who are members of AIRLAWS have no dues, agreements or other fee arrangements, nor do they have expense sharing arrangements.
The lawyers named as members of AIRLAWS have assumed no joint professional responsibility for any clients’ legal affairs. To the contrary individual members of AIRLAWS may be contacted and contracted for directly.
Whenever an AIRLAWS attorney member is hired or contracted for by other law firms or attorney, then individual consulting contracts are made solely between the employing law firm and the associated AIRLAW’S member in strict conformance with applicable State Bar Rules.
AIRLAW’S member attorneys do offer some services with a focus on the aeronautical endeavor. State Bar of Texas does not have Aviation Law as a certification specialty. A focus is specifically not a claim of a specialty.
The AIRLAW advertising is directed exclusively to other attorneys competent in their own right to evaluate and handle legal matters. AIRLAWS members offer consulting and associate counsel help to such qualified lawyers.
AIRLAWS members do not advertise in this web site communication that the lawyer is a specialist except when permitted under Texas Rule 7.04 or other Bar rules apply.
AIRLAWS member do focus a portion of their practice on specific facets of the aeronautical endeavor. AIRLAW’S members competency in the aeronautical arena should be evaluated and measured by special education, training, or experience in the particular area of endeavor. The advertising by AIRLAWS is aimed at other law firms and lawyers fully capable of evaluating an AIRLAWS members capabilities.
Certification by the Texas or other State Board of Legal Specialization involves special education, training, and experience, Aviation law is not a recognized area of certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Some other State’s Boards do recognize aviation law as a specialty.
 Lawyers who advertise in this web site have some focus on specialized facets of the aeronautical endeavor. Our advertisement is to other attorneys and Law firms seeking help in some facet of aviation related areas.
 A website for a network of lawyers which is not a law firm is not considered a communication initiated by a law firm and since it is targeted at other attorneys is exempt of TEXAS rule 7.07.
Our Web site advertisement does discloses the willingness or potential willingness of individual AIRLAW’S members to on occasion  be employed to render services on a contingent fee basis, when such occurs and a member enters into such an agreement the hiring attorney or lead lawyer or law firm complies with rules for associating a counsel. This includes the  lead attorney complying with and agreeing with client concerning the addition of an AIRLAWS member to the clients case.
 The AIRLAWS Web site is not a Law firm. It is a network of attorneys. The cost of the website and its content is controlled by owner Atty: Myron Papadakis, TX SBOT
 This web site of consulting attorneys continues the traditional and long established tradition of Texas Paragraph (a)(3) that permits advertisements by lawyers to other lawyers in legal directories and legal newspapers …whether written or electronic.
The AIRLAWS web site complies and contains information about the name, location, telephone numbers, and general availability of a lawyer to work on specific aeronautical endeavors for other attorneys and law firms.
Special care has  been  taken to ensure that each member of AIRLAWS is not paying for the cost of maintaining the web site. Each attorney has a resume posted showing experience and professional qualifications of each.
This web site is designed and directed to qualified practicing attorneys and not directly to clients. Lawyers and Law firms who may wish to consult or otherwise employ an AIRLAW’S member are attuned to checking the work histories and experience levels of other attorneys through State Bar disciplinary and ethics committees as well as membership in professional groups attained through merit.
20. Should you as Lead attorney or your law firm hire an AIRLAWS member on a contingent arrangement be sure that such arrangement complies with Forum State Bar Rules that normally include:
a. That such association is in writing.
b. That such addition is agreed to and signed by hiring attorney.
c. That such addition is agreed to and signed by ultimate client.
d.  That such addition is agreed to and signed by associated attorney.
e. That work expected of newly associated attorney is delineated briefly in writing.
f. That the percentage of legal fee assigned to newly associated attorney is in writing.
g. That it is understood and agreed that the associated attorneys fee is paid from attorneys percentage of  legal fee and addition of said attorney does not diminish client’s percentage  expectation as to recovery..
h. If addition of an associate attorney will increase costs of litigation – client must be so advised and must agree.
Copies of such agreement for additional associated counsel will be provided to ultimate client, and associated counsel.
DISCLAIMER: As AIRLAWS is a network of independent lawyers, AIRLAWS is not in any way form or shape responsible in any fashion for the legal work performed by a member.
Note if you chose to employ and utilize a Member of AIRLAWS in an official appearance in any case in which the associated attorney is not a member of that State Bar, it is the hiring attorney or lead attorney’s duty to introduce and to comply with state regulations or Federal Regulations concerning Pro HAC requirements